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Soccer classes increase by 38%

Each Saturday is special for a group of boys and girls from Los Pinos, because they meet to practice soccer for three hours as part of our Full Life Ministry.

Enthusiasm for this sports activity has grown quickly in the first few months of this year, and participation has increased by 38%!

"We currently have 26 players, all between the ages of 10 - 14; interestingly, 12 of those are girls," says Boris Vermont, a church member who volunteers as their soccer coach. (Soccer is traditionally viewed as a male sport in Honduras.)  Apart from soccer, they spend 20 minutes before practice to share life experiences, goals, and a biblical reflection.

As Boris explains, the methodology is based on an experience in Africa with professional Christian soccer players who started workshops and championships with youth. The church decided to use their materials and is inspired by their experience.  "In this way we are contributing not only to sports training, but also to forming spiritual values and life skills," he adds.

We need more volunteers and supplies

One of the team's achievements is that they have been able to gain support from the Central American Technological University (UNITEC) next door to the church, to have access to their modern sports facilities.

"The kids spend the entire week waiting for Saturday to arrive so they can come and enjoy practice, because for them, as well as for thousands of kids in Honduras, having the use of a real soccer field is nearly impossible," Boris tells us.

Another great achievement is that through special donations, we were able to provide soccer kits and cleats to improve the children's performance.

"This was a moment of great satisfaction, and according to their parents, some of the kids even slept with their cleats because they couldn't believe they had a new pair. This was a source of great joy and motivation to continue with their training," he says.

Although there is much to celebrate, there is still a lot to do. At this time, for example, there are many more children that want to join the team, "but we have had to stop them from joining, because 22 is already a large group and to accept new team members, we would need more volunteers as well as more sports supplies, soccer kits, and cleats. We dream of one day having our own soccer court, and we trust that the Lord will open those doors in the future," he concludes.

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